2017 CyberKnight Events

Week 1 – Waterbury, CT (March 4-5)

The CyberKnights debut their new robot in week one of FIRST STEAMWORKSS, the 2017 FIRST Robotics Competition game.

Week 3 – Tech Valley, CT (March 16-18)

New York’s Tech Valley region will once again be home to premier a FRC event, located on the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute campus in the state-of-the-art East Campus Athletic Village Arena (ECAV). 36 teams, including competitors from Québec, Turkey, India, Connecticut, New York and South Carolina will gather to compete in another exciting year of high-tech competition!

Week 5 – Hartford, CT (April 1-2)

The CyberKnights continue their 2017 season  in Hartford.

New England District Championship – Durham, NH (April 5-8)

The CyberKnights compete against the best in New England at the University of New Hampshire.

World Championship – St. Louis, MO (April 26-29)

The CyberKnights hope to qualify for the world championship in Saint Louis.

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