NE District – Waterbury Competition

OIMG_0070n March 3rd – 5th, The CyberKnights competed at the week 1 FIRST SteamWorks competition in Waterbury, CT with 41 other teams.  This was a great opportunity to see the new game and new robot designs in action for the first time.

Our CyberKnights team has been working hard all build season and their efforts were rewarded with impressive shooting, gear placement, climbing and drive team skills.  Our team won the Creativity Award sponsored by Xerox.

The CyberKnights went 8-3 in qualification rounds and finished in 6th place.  We were the captains of the #4 alliance teaming with Team 558 Elm City Robo Squad and Team 228 Gus Robotics advancing to the semifinals.  Congrats to Team 236 Techno-Ticks, Team 3654 TechTigers and Team 181 Birds of Prey on their victory.

Thanks to all the volunteers who worked hard to organize and run this event.  Week One events are especially challenging and adjustments were made to successfully complete the event.

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