CyberKnights win the prestigious Indiana Robotics Invitational (IRI)

A group of CyberKnight families, parents, siblings, grandparents and students along with some team mentors decided to go on summer vacation together.  The cars lined up like a family of ducks and took the long 13 hour drive to Indianapolis, Indiana to take the field one more time to compete in a battle of the big boys!  Knightro the robot went along on vacation with them…but no summer vacation rest was in sight for Knightro.  He had a job to do…and he did it well.
IRI is a special post season event with the tag line “IRI-Where the Egos Go to Play”.  Teams must apply and only the best of the best in the world are extended an invitation to play.  The 68 teams included both the current and previous world championship teams along with most of the others hitting top wins throughout the season.
Two teams from Connecticut were extended an invitation.  Team 195, The CyberKnights and Team 2168 the Aluminum Falcons who partnered with Team 195 in their New England Championship Win.

4 years ago was the first time The CyberKnights were invited to the Indiana Robotics Invitational 

3 years ago – They played but did not make it to the playoff rounds

2 years ago – They made it to quarterfinals

1 year ago – They were in the finals

This year, in 2017 – THEY WON!

Team 195 along with their alliance partners FRC Team 1619 “Up a Creak Robotics” from Longmont Colorado, FIRST Team 2590 “Nemesis” from Longmount, New Jersey and Team 1710 “Ravonics Revolution” serving as backup team from Olathe, Kansas worked beautifully together and fought through a very tough playoff against the best of the best.  
This was no small feat as the team had to battle against the four time reigning IRI champions, Team 2056 “OP Robotics” from Ontario, Canada (the Canadians have a long history of both IRI and World Championship wins), The NASA team 118 “Robonauts” from Houston, TX and Team 2767 “Stryke Force” who are the current St. Louis Championship winners.  All the teams played amazing and our hats are off to our competitors for the giving our team the best fight in their history.
Here is a link to a summary video showing the final match and giving you a glimpse of how it felt to be a CyberKnight at “IRI”….lots of happy tears:
We would like to thank all the parents and mentors who took their summer vacation time to give these students the ultimate robotics experience and help put this very BIG feather in Team 195’s cap!

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