CyberKnights 195


CyberKnights Facebook Page hits 1,000 Likes!

Thank you to all our 1,000 Facebook fans that liked our FIRST Team 195: The CyberKnights page!  Tell a friend and follow the team as we begin the 2017 competition season on March 4th and 5th in Waterbury, CT.



CyberKnights Win VEX Competition at University of New Haven

The CyberKnights sent four teams to the University of New Haven VEX Robotics event on Sunday, February 19th.  Congrats to all four teams for their strong performances and earning a place in the elimination rounds.  Team 195A earned the #1 seed with an undefeated record in qualifications.  Teamed with 5150J and 5150G, the alliance only lost one match cruising to the championship!  Congrats on a well-earned and well-played victory by all team members.

Stanley Black and Decker Donates to the CyberKnights

Thank you Stanley Black and Decker for your generous donation to FIRST Robotics Team 195!!!


Team 195 served Military Appreciation Dinner at Southington Elks Lodge #1669.

The CyberKnights honored those that served first with volunteer efforts for the Military Appreciation Dinner.

CyberKnights Compete at North Andover, MA VEX Competition

The CyberKnights sent four teams to the VEX competition in North Andover, MA on January 28, 2017.  This was a large, well-run event with 55 teams from the northeast competing.  Three of our Four teams made the elimination rounds which included 24 teams in total.  Competing out of the 6, 7 and 8 seeds was a challenge and although none advanced, they all performed well.

Congratulations to Team 195B on winning the Design award for their hard work and innovative design!

CyberKnights donate to the Veterans Oasis at Tunxis College

The CyberKnights family collected items for our troops and veterans, donating to the Veterans Oasis as Tunxis College

Team 195 – Always a CyberKnight

Team 195 – Always a CyberKnight

Teamwork. Goals. Success. And the ethos of a CyberKnight.

Thank you to Sandra and Gino Brino for their ongoing effort, support and inspiration.


FIRST® STEAMWORKS, the 2017 FIRST Robotics Competition game, invites two adventurers’ clubs, in an era where steam power reigns, to prepare their airships for a long distance race. Each three-team alliance prepares in three ways:

  1. Build steam pressure. Robots collect fuel (balls) and score it in their boiler via high and low efficiency goals. Boilers turn fuel into steam pressure which is stored in the steam tank on their airship – but it takes more fuel in the low efficiency goal to build steam than the high efficiency goal.
  2. Start rotors. Robots deliver gears to pilots on their airship for installation. Once the gear train is complete, they turn the crank to start the rotor.
  3. Prepare for flight. Robots must latch on to their airship before launch (the end of the match) by ascending their ropes to signal that they’re ready for takeoff.

Figure 2-1: FIRST STEAMWORKS playing area

Each match begins with a 15-second autonomous period in which robots operate only on preprogrammed instructions. During this period, robots work to support the three efforts listed above and also get points for crossing their baseline.


Table 2-1: Auto Point Values

During the remaining 2 minutes and 15 seconds of the match, the teleoperated period, student drivers control robots. Teams on an alliance work together to build as much pressure and start as many rotors as possible – but they have to be sure they leave enough time to latch on to their airship before the end of the match. Points for these efforts are awarded as shown in Table 2-2.


Table 2-2: Teleop  Point Values

Alliances are seeded in the Qualification tournament using ranking points which are awarded based on a combination of their Win-Loss-Tie record (2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie), the number of times they reach a 40 kiloPascal (kPa) pressure threshold (1 point), and the number of times they start all rotors (1 point).

Connecticut Veterans Parade in Hartford

FIRST Robotics Team 195 in support of SGU soldiers marched at Connecticut Veterans Parade in Hartford. 

Team 195 is taking part in a multi-year project to help the town of Bristol Veterans Council build a national monument for the Special Guerrilla Unit (SGU), a “secret army” of multi-ethnic Laotian freedom fighters 




NY Tech Valley Robot Rumble

Congrats to Team 195 for winning the NY Tech Valley Robot Rumble competition and the Creativity award!  24 teams competed in Ballston Spa, New York where the CyberKnights were 10-2 in qualification matches.  They teamed up with Team 2791 – ShRobots to the Rescue Community Food Driveaker Robotics and Team 6463 – Ulster BOCES to go undefeated in the playoffs, culminating with a tournament high score in the finals.  Thanks to all the volunteers who put on an awesome event and contributed to the food drive.



Connecticut Science Center

Team 195 went to the Connecticut Science Center to mentor VEX IQ students.  The team helped with the planning, prototyping, and programming of the robots built by the kids.  We had a great time helping younger students enjoy robotics and will continue to support them.