CyberKnights 195

CyberKnights win the prestigious Indiana Robotics Invitational (IRI)

A group of CyberKnight families, parents, siblings, grandparents and students along with some team mentors decided to go on summer vacation together.  The cars lined up like a family of ducks and took the long 13 hour drive to Indianapolis, Indiana to take the field one more time to compete in a battle of the big boys!  Knightro the robot went along on vacation with them…but no summer vacation rest was in sight for Knightro.  He had a job to do…and he did it well.
IRI is a special post season event with the tag line “IRI-Where the Egos Go to Play”.  Teams must apply and only the best of the best in the world are extended an invitation to play.  The 68 teams included both the current and previous world championship teams along with most of the others hitting top wins throughout the season.
Two teams from Connecticut were extended an invitation.  Team 195, The CyberKnights and Team 2168 the Aluminum Falcons who partnered with Team 195 in their New England Championship Win.

4 years ago was the first time The CyberKnights were invited to the Indiana Robotics Invitational 

3 years ago – They played but did not make it to the playoff rounds

2 years ago – They made it to quarterfinals

1 year ago – They were in the finals

This year, in 2017 – THEY WON!

Team 195 along with their alliance partners FRC Team 1619 “Up a Creak Robotics” from Longmont Colorado, FIRST Team 2590 “Nemesis” from Longmount, New Jersey and Team 1710 “Ravonics Revolution” serving as backup team from Olathe, Kansas worked beautifully together and fought through a very tough playoff against the best of the best.  
This was no small feat as the team had to battle against the four time reigning IRI champions, Team 2056 “OP Robotics” from Ontario, Canada (the Canadians have a long history of both IRI and World Championship wins), The NASA team 118 “Robonauts” from Houston, TX and Team 2767 “Stryke Force” who are the current St. Louis Championship winners.  All the teams played amazing and our hats are off to our competitors for the giving our team the best fight in their history.
Here is a link to a summary video showing the final match and giving you a glimpse of how it felt to be a CyberKnight at “IRI”….lots of happy tears:
We would like to thank all the parents and mentors who took their summer vacation time to give these students the ultimate robotics experience and help put this very BIG feather in Team 195’s cap!

Connecticut Robotics Championship

The Southington CyberKnights competed in the Connecticut Robotics Championship Sponsored by the Connecticut Association of Schools (CAS) May 13th.  The field consisted of 35 robotics teams from across Connecticut.
After qualification rounds, the CyberKnights ranked 1st and selected Team 558, the Elm City Robo-Squad from Hill Regional Career High School in New Haven.  This is the same team they won the State championship last year. The third team to be invited to the alliance was Team 176, Aces High from Windsor Locks and Suffield High School.
The Alliance fought through the playoffs without a loss and took home the state championship. Team 195 and 558 have enjoyed a great relationship over the years winning multiple events together and this was the second year in a row this alliance has taken the Connecticut title.
Thank you all for your support this season!

Saint Louis World Championship

The Southington CyberKnights competed in the Carson Division at the St. Louis FIRST Championship this past weekend.  The field was deep with the 406 best robots gathering from the 3300 teams from around the world.
After 10 hard fought qualification matches, Knightro took on some heavy damage and needed repairs when the robot swung during a rope climb and took a direct hit to its shooting turret. Repairs were made and ultimately, the CyberKnights placed 5th after qualification rounds.
They selected a New England strong alliance by inviting Team 177, Bobcat Robotics from South Windsor, Team 1073 The Force Team from Hollis New Hampshire and Team 1080 Resurgence Robotics from Henrico, VA.  The CyberKnights enjoyed working again with Team 1073 who they won the New England Championship with just two weeks ago.
The Alliance fought through the Carson Division playoffs till the bracket was down to the final two alliances both made up mostly of New England teams. New England students stood arm in arm in the stands watching their robots battle it out for the chance to play in the famous Einstein Championship finals. It was there that the CyberKnights fell to take home the silver.
The Carson division champions were captained by Team 125 the Nutrons from Boston MA.  We were sad to see the CyberKnight’s run end, however still very happy to see them with the silver medals after such a hard fought week.  We are also very proud to say that our Alumnus, Bailey Kahl, is currently a mentor for Team 125 as he attends college in the Boston area. More than 10 CyberKnight alumni are currently mentoring FIRST teams from all over the country many of whom have developed into high ranking, top teams.
Bailey writes to our team:  “195- What a run in finals. You gave us a crazy a run for our money and I was more nervous there than I was on the Einstein floor. You guys have an AMAZING robot, and a hell of a season to boot..The thing that really hit home for me was the undying love and support you all gave me and my team immediately after you had just lost in the finals of the division. You very easily could have been upset, but instead all I got was hugs, high fives, and congratulations. Thank you, everyone. And congratulations on another wild season.”
FIRST Robotics is a competition, but to the Team 195 students, it’s more about gracious professionalism, helping ALL teams succeed and inspiring STEM leaders along the way.
This ends the CyberKnights regular season play. They will be competing in two post season events soon.
  • The Connecticut State Championship sponsored by the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference on May 13th.  This event includes only Connecticut teams in order to crown a state champion.
  • WPI Battlecry sponsored by Worcester Polytechnic Institute May 20-21st.

New England Championship – CyberKnights Win for the Third Year in a Row

64 high school robotics teams from across New England met at the University of New Hampshire April 6th to 8th to compete in the FIRST Robotics New England District Championship. Having just came off their win at the Hartford District Event the weekend before the CyberKnights knew with the best in New England coming together, innovative game strategies would be needed to achieve their goal of a Three-peat.

Southington proved to be one of the best high goal shooters achieving the 40kPa pressure mark in the autonomous period for most of their matches. This function has only been achieved by a handful other teams in the world and will certainly be a differentiator as they move on to play at the World Championship level.  The team also shares the current world record for the highest achieved score of 522 points. 

Southington was invited by Team 2168 the Aluminum Falcons from Groton, CT to alliance in the playoffs and Team 195 graciously accepted. This is the same team they won the New England title with last year. The two teams also invited team 1073 from Hollis, New Hampshire to join them in their quest for the banner.  The playoffs were rough, scrappy matches with robots battling hard and taking damage.  But the alliance proved successful after a very hard fought playoff rounds bringing home the banner. 

This is the third year in a row the CyberKnights have won the FIRST Robotics New England Championship. 

Southington CyberKnights will travel to St. Louis to compete in the FIRST Championship on April 26-29.  Due to the growing number of teams in the world, the FIRST organization is having TWO championship events this season.  The North Championship held in St. Louis and the South Championship held in Houston TX.  They will crown TWO champions  for the first time in their history.  The champions will face off during the summer in a webcast competition held at the home of Dean Kamen, world renowned inventor and founder of FIRST Robotics.

The CyberKnights are ready for the challenge and have their sights set on a Division Banner and a North Championship title!

Thank you again for your continued support of these amazing students!  Please enjoy this short recap video of the event:

NE District – Hartford Competition


Team 195, the Southington CyberKnights, took home the winning banner at the Hartford District Event April 1st – 2nd. 42 teams from Connecticut and Massachusetts competed at the event. This competition was stacked with many of the best teams in New England.

The CyberKnights finished strong after qualification rounds seeding 1st and being the captain of the number one alliance. They moved onto the playoff bracket selecting Team 558, the Elm City Robo-squad from New Haven, CT and selecting Team 173 Rage Robotics from Tolland, CT to join their alliance. 195 was honored to play alongside these two amazing teams with long histories of excellence!

The alliance worked as one, fighting hard through the playoffs against some amazing competition. They tied the world record high score with an impressive 522 points!
The final matches were tough, but they came out on top bringing that FIRST Robotics Blue Banner back for Southington High School!

The CyberKnights will now move onto New England Championship April 5-8 and hope to defend their New England title and do Southington proud. The team is going for the three-peat having already won the New England title in both 2015 and 2016.

This year’s New England Championship is being held at the Whittemore Center Arena at University of New Hampshire.

Here is a short summary video for you to Enjoy. We’d like to thank Jim Gorham for volunteering his time and talents to bring these to you:

NE District – Waterbury Competition

OIMG_0070n March 3rd – 5th, The CyberKnights competed at the week 1 FIRST SteamWorks competition in Waterbury, CT with 41 other teams.  This was a great opportunity to see the new game and new robot designs in action for the first time.

Our CyberKnights team has been working hard all build season and their efforts were rewarded with impressive shooting, gear placement, climbing and drive team skills.  Our team won the Creativity Award sponsored by Xerox.

The CyberKnights went 8-3 in qualification rounds and finished in 6th place.  We were the captains of the #4 alliance teaming with Team 558 Elm City Robo Squad and Team 228 Gus Robotics advancing to the semifinals.  Congrats to Team 236 Techno-Ticks, Team 3654 TechTigers and Team 181 Birds of Prey on their victory.

Thanks to all the volunteers who worked hard to organize and run this event.  Week One events are especially challenging and adjustments were made to successfully complete the event.

CyberKnights Win VEX Competition at University of New Haven

The CyberKnights sent four teams to the University of New Haven VEX Robotics event on Sunday, February 19th.  Congrats to all four teams for their strong performances and earning a place in the elimination rounds.  Team 195A earned the #1 seed with an undefeated record in qualifications.  Teamed with 5150J and 5150G, the alliance only lost one match cruising to the championship!  Congrats on a well-earned and well-played victory by all team members.

CyberKnights Compete at North Andover, MA VEX Competition

The CyberKnights sent four teams to the VEX competition in North Andover, MA on January 28, 2017.  This was a large, well-run event with 55 teams from the northeast competing.  Three of our Four teams made the elimination rounds which included 24 teams in total.  Competing out of the 6, 7 and 8 seeds was a challenge and although none advanced, they all performed well.

Congratulations to Team 195B on winning the Design award for their hard work and innovative design!

NY Tech Valley Robot Rumble

Congrats to Team 195 for winning the NY Tech Valley Robot Rumble competition and the Creativity award!  24 teams competed in Ballston Spa, New York where the CyberKnights were 10-2 in qualification matches.  They teamed up with Team 2791 – ShRobots to the Rescue Community Food Driveaker Robotics and Team 6463 – Ulster BOCES to go undefeated in the playoffs, culminating with a tournament high score in the finals.  Thanks to all the volunteers who put on an awesome event and contributed to the food drive.



Team 195 had a great weekend at Bash at the Beach! We won the competition, the “Top Qualifier” award, and “The Kiss Robot” award! Thank you Technoticks-Team236 for hosting such a fun event!14522886_1410970948920603_3316531111849882762_n