CyberKnights 195

The CyberKnights have been busy making sure the future of the team is in good hands. We have been very involved with a program known as VEX IQ. Every week, we have groups of 4 or 5 students go to elementary schools and mentor the kids on building robots. We have 5 teams in total that always do very well. It is very fun for both the elementary school kids and for our Team 195 members. They learn so much and it is just a great experience all around.

The CyberKnights also teach elementary school kids about engineering through FLL. Every week the CyberKnights go into schools to mentor the children. Our newest team earned a Golden Ticket in its rookie season. Parents and teachers are ecstatic about our program and the opportunities it provides. Recognizing our program’s merit, our District Science Coordinator asked to work with us to bring the FIRST experience to all 8 elementary schools in the next two years.